Banking Sector 

Today’s banking operating model is changing, evolving and shifting in light of global challenges; banks are looking to be leaner in their operations and adapt to ongoing negative market conditions. We work with various banks covering a diverse spectrum of financial organizations, including: Offshore Banking, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Private and Alternative Banking.   

We understand, since the financial crisis in 2007-2008 leading to the great recession of 2008-2012, banks have focused on mitigating risk stemming from complex financial products, undisclosed conflicts of interest, the failure of regulators, credit rating agencies, and the market through transforming their operations and introducing new ‘modus operandi’.   

Our approach is tailored to each bank’s primary business objective. We partner with banks to drive efficiency, reduce volume, simplify and standardize operations globally, and improve customer experience. We have cultivated best practices common across all successful operations transformation to support your bank to enhance its bottom-line in a very short time-frame. 

Energy Sector 

Most of the energy-based firms have experienced the incline in their day-to-day operations, in down-stream and up-stream spectrums, caused by rising material costs, as well as government-mandated regulatory and safety measures. With large energy firms, the increase in cost-to-income factor can be attributed to multifaceted operations. 

 We work with oil and gas firms to implement a more balanced approach that enables these firms not only to pursue cost-cutting measures, but also to upgrade their capabilities in the areas of operations and technology to respond to market volatility and yield a more long-term sustainable operating model. 

Government Sector 

Similar to other industries, public sectors are facing similar challenges in the areas of operations, financing, and outdated processes dragging governmental initiatives down and negatively impacting productivity. We work closely with government business lines to identify areas of high-cost and inefficient processes. This informs the development of a transformation process formulated to realign the business line into an effective high-level service organization.  Our service area covers local small markets, emerging and developing countries. 

Family Businesses

We understand that family businesses can be strong, unique yet highly complex in structure, and we carefully consider the family dynamics to provide a balance of harmony and success. Our wealth of experience has helped family businesses to manage generational changes and create governance structures that help you face the future together.


Our skilled experts have worked with many large and small banks globally in the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions, Due Diligence, Cost Optimization, Operations’ Transformation, Strategy Mapping and Implementation, Information Technology architecture design, and IT strategy building. They have played a trusted advisory role providing the insight, best practices and expertise to guide organizations in successfully making enhancements in their operations or processes to improve their performance, impact, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  

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